Portrait of an ESTP

Portrait of an ESTP — The Doer


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(E)xtraverted (S)ensing (T)hinking (P)erceiving

Dominant Extraverted Sensing with secondary Introverted Thinking

Hello, ESTP, the daring trailblazer and embodiment of boundless energy. In the canvas of experiences, you paint with bold strokes, infusing life with a spirit of adventure and fearlessness that captivates all who share in your vibrant journey.

Fearless Pioneer: Your spirit is untamed, a fearless pioneer exploring the uncharted territories of life. As a trailblazer, you thrive on challenges, finding excitement in the pulse of the unknown. Your courage inspires others to step outside their comfort zones and embrace the exhilaration of the journey.

Energetic Dynamo: Energy is your currency, and you spend it lavishly in every pursuit. Your boundless enthusiasm is contagious, infusing vigor into every interaction. Your energetic dynamism is a driving force that propels both yourself and those around you to new heights.

Adaptable Navigator: Change is not a challenge but an opportunity for growth. Your adaptability allows you to navigate the ever-shifting landscapes of life with ease. Whether in the face of challenges or the thrill of new adventures, you embrace change with a versatile spirit.

Charming Maverick: Charm is your companion, and you wield it effortlessly in your interactions. Your magnetic personality draws people into your orbit, and your charisma creates connections that are as genuine as they are enjoyable. You are a social maverick, effortlessly navigating the social tapestry.

Spontaneous Creator: Creativity flows through you like a river of inspiration. Your spontaneous nature leads to unexpected and delightful creations, whether in your endeavors or the relationships you cultivate. Your ability to seize the moment brings a dynamic vibrancy to every aspect of your life.

ESTP, Illuminate with Adventure: Your adventurous spirit, boundless energy, and charismatic dynamism make you a luminary in the tapestry of experiences. Embrace the thrill of your journey, ESTP, and continue illuminating the world with the brilliance of your fearless and vibrant spirit.

Detailed description of ESTP

As an ESTP, your primary mode of living is focused externally, where you take things in via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion. Your secondary mode is internal, where you deal with things rationally and logically.

ESTPs are outgoing, straight-shooting types. Enthusiastic and excitable, ESTPs are "doers" who live in the world of action. Blunt, straight-forward risk-takers, they are willing to plunge right into things and get their hands dirty. They live in the here-and-now, and place little importance on introspection or theory. The look at the facts of a situation, quickly decide what should be done, execute the action, and move on to the next thing.

ESTPs have an uncanny ability to perceive people's attitudes and motivations. They pick up on little cues that go completely unnoticed by other types, such as facial expressions and stance. They're typically a couple of steps ahead of the person they're interacting with. ESTPs use this ability to get what they want out of a situation. Rules and laws are seen as guidelines for behavior, rather than mandates. If the ESTP has decided that something needs to be done, then their "do it and get on with it" attitude takes precendence over the rules. However, the ESTP tends to have their own strong belief in what's right and what's wrong, and will doggedly stick to their principles. The Rules of the Establishment may hold little value to the ESTP, but their own integrity mandates that they will not do something that they feel to be wrong.

ESTPs have a strong flair for drama and style. They're fast-moving, fast-talking people who have an appreciation for the finer things in life and their finger on the pulse of the world in which they live. They may be gamblers or spendthrifts. They're usually very good at story-telling and improvising. They typically makes things up as they go along, rather than following a plan. They love to have fun, and are fun people to be around. They can sometimes be hurtful to others without being aware of it, as they generally do not know and may not care about the effect their words have on others. It's not that they don't care about people—quite the opposite. But their decision-making process does not involve taking people's feelings into account. They make decisions based on facts and logic, and believe that's the right approach to life.

ESTP's least developed area is their intuitive side. They are impatient with theory, and see little use for it in their quest to get things done. An ESTP will sometimes have strong intuitions that are way off-base, but occasionally lucid and positive. Consequently, the ESTP does not trust their instincts, and is suspicious of other people's intuition as well.

The ESTP sometimes has trouble in higher education, which moves into realms where theory is more important. They learn best hands-on, avoiding theoretical thinking, and often get bored with classes in which they feel they gain no useful material that can be used to get things done. The ESTP may be brilliantly intelligent, but traditional book-learning might be a difficult chore for them.

The ESTP needs to keep moving, and does well in careers where they are not restricted or confined. ESTPs make extremely good salespersons. They will become stifled and unhappy dealing with routine chores. ESTPs have a natural abundance of energy and enthusiasm, which makes them natural entrepreneurs. They get very excited about things, and have the ability to motivate others to excitement and action. The can sell anyone on any idea. They are action-oriented, and make decisions quickly. They have an extraordinary talent for getting things started, but are not usually as good at following through, and might leave the finishing up to others. Mastering the art of following through is something that ESTPs should pay special attention to.

ESTPs are practical, observant, fun-loving, spontaneous risk-takers with an excellent ability to quickly improvise an innovative solution to a problem. They're enthusiastic and fun to be with, and are great motivators. If an ESTP recognizes their real talents and operates within those realms, they can accomplish truly exciting things.

*Read about the ESTP's Jungian type, Extraverted Sensing, or the ESTP's child type, Extraverted Sensing Perceiving.

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