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About us, created and owned exclusively by BSM Consulting of Golden, Colorado, was developed during 1998-1999, and quickly became a leading resource for Psychological Type on the internet, serving as a template and guide for future web sites dedicated to the sixteen type system, including 16personalities, truity , and many others. BSM Consulting also provided ongoing consulting services to the keirsey folks during the development of their web site and online questionnaire. PersonalityPage has been referenced in many print and online publications, most recently Dr. Deborah Ruf's 5 Levels of Gifted.


Head of PersonalityPage, Head Writer

With over 25 years of experience providing psychological type consulting services, Brenda is the driving force behind PersonalityPage, involved in almost every aspect of design, implemention, and administration on the site. In her limited spare time, Brenda loves to hike the beautiful mountains of Colorado, hang out with her family, and experiment with ethnic cooking.

Chloe Ellis
Psychologist, Graphic Artist
B.S. Psychology, Colorado State University

Chloe has taken on a lead role in graphic design for the new web site, and in the development and implementation of the new visual personality test, to-be-released 2024. Chloe loves travel, Halloween, live concerts, and spending time with family and friends.

Caroline Johnson
Education Consultant, Writer
M.A. Education, University of Chicago

Caroline provides general consulting services regarding learning styles and how to reach different kinds of people, and sometimes writes about personality type and relationship issues. She is also an award-winning, oft-published poet, and loves to play with her cats.

Dr. Robert Heyward
Jungian Consultant, Writer

Robert heads up the Personal Growth and type-to-type relationship analysis sections of the web site, and is a font of in-depth Jungian knowledge from which to bounce ideas, when necessary. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar and making furniture.

Dr. Erich Grossman
Science and Technology Advisor

Erich keeps his ear to the line to suss out new possibilities for PersonalityPage, most recently by spearheading the TypeBot implemention. He loves to do math and read books, and is converting his old Jeep into an EV.

Jacob Ellis

Jacob is an honors student enrolled in Colorado State University's journalism and video editing program and has won national awards for his videos. We're lucky to get him when we can.