Photo of Brenda Muller Ellis Brenda Muller Ellis (ENFP)

When I started PersonalityPage in 1999, my goal was to make the difficult theoretical concepts of Jungian Psychological Type easier to understand, accessible to anyone who could read. Thankfully, we've reached a lot of people (400,000,000)!

In 2023, my goal is the same, with a different target audience. We are working toward reaching a new generation of internet users, who are accustomed to multiple ways of learning material, rather than just the written word. PersonalityPage has historically been based on the written word, and while we will continue to use reading and writing as a means of communication, I'm seeking new ways of conveying my understanding of Personality Type to the world. So, we have TypeBots©, and a new web design built around images that tell a story. We are working on an image-based test. PersonalityPage is dedicated to the understanding that people think, learn and express themselves differently. I will continue to develop my voice and platform in an attempt to reach every type, every individual.

Brenda has worked as a consultant of applied Psychological Type since 1998, and has administered personality tests to hundreds of individuals in person, in addition to hundreds of thousands online. She's been engaged for personal consulting services, large and small public speaking events about Personality Type, and has had personal and professional relationships with such type gurus as Elizabeth Murphy, Lenore Thomson, and David Keirsey (now deceased,) among others. Prior to 1998, she worked as an independent high-tech consultant, contracting with Fortune 50 companies to provide work and advice on software development issues. She was very well-regarded in that work, but felt the corporate world was not a good fit for her personality, so she left at the height of her success to pursue developing a business around Psychological Type. She developed, along with the Personality Questionnaire, over the course of 1998 and 1999, a task instigated by her passionate intent to help people better understand and tolerate each other. Having graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a customized degree in Writing, Cognitive Psychology, and Computer Science, and having been a serious student of Jungian Psychology since 1985, the work exactly matched her interests and skill set.

Brenda has hired various highly-qualified individuals to validate and contribute to PersonalityPage during its lifetime, but she is the main driver of all content design and the author of most of the written material on the site.