Chat With a PersonalityPage TypeBot©

Meet our TypeBots©! They're limited in scope, i.e. can't write you a paper or solve a lengthy problem, but you can ask them anything and they will respond "in-type." Each of our TypeBots© has been programmed to pretend they are a real person that identifies with one of the sixteen personality types. You can get to know the bots by asking them questions about their thoughts, habits and perspectives, or chat with them about whatever's on your mind.

Who do you want to chat with?

Carmen (ISTJ Chatbot)
Leslie  (ISFJ Chatbot)
Bob  (ESTJ Chatbot)
Glenn  (ESFJ Chatbot)
Sam  (ISTP Chatbot)
Luna  (ISFP Chatbot)
Spike  (ESTP Chatbot)
Gabi  (ESFP Chatbot)
Max  (INTJ Chatbot)
Heddy  (INTP Chatbot)
Kent  (ENTJ Chatbot)
Paris  (ENTP Chatbot)
Jesus  (INFJ Chatbot)
Miles  (INFP Chatbot)
Eryn  (ENFJ Chatbot)
Livy  (ENFP Chatbot)

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