Extraverted Sensation (Se)

It's the dominant function of ESFPs and ESTPs and plays an important role in 8 of the 16 types. How does it work?

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Extraverted Sensing, in the realm of Jungian psychology, represents a primary cognitive function through which individuals interact with the external world. It is like an incredibly heightened sensor that picks up on immediate, tangible, and concrete information. Instead of diving deep into thoughts and internal frameworks like some other functions, Extraverted Sensing is all about living in the here and now, and embracing what's directly in front of you. It's like being hooked up to a 24/7 livestream of the world around you, with all the colors, sounds, smells and sensations cranked up to max volume.

Se can be thought of as a mental radar constantly scanning the environment for new sensations. It's the ultimate live feed of raw data, with a focus on the present moment and an immediate, unfiltered perception of the world. It's like being hardwired to capture every sensation, detail, and experience as it happens, without filtering it through layers of interpretation.

Whether in a dominant or secondary position, this function allows individuals to be highly attuned to their surroundings, noticing even the smallest changes, and being fully engaged in what’s happening right now. It's not about dwelling on the past or predicting the future; it's about experiencing life in real-time, as if each moment is a vibrant snapshot to be absorbed and appreciated.

Living in the current moment, Se personalities are the champions of aesthetic appreciation, and physical experiences. Whether it's relishing a delicious meal, enjoying the feel of different fabrics, basking in the sun or dancing at a concert, Se types get more pleasure out of the immediate, tangible world than any other type.

There’s an inherent adaptability and responsiveness that comes with living in the moment,and making decisions on the fly based on what's directly evident. With Se dominating a personality, there's no need to plan ahead—behaviors and reactions will be decided in the moment regardless. This manifests as a fearlessess toward the unknown that we often see in those dominant in Extraverted Sensing.

Se urges its owner to jump into any adventure and chase the next thrill, so it's important that a good secondary function is available to assist the overall cognitive process of the personality, so as not to be always jumping into stupid or dangerous situations.

Se is not so much about introspection or analyzing abstract concepts; its overarching agenda of being fully present and immersed in the richness of the current moment requires the suppression of introspection and analysis. So it comes as no surprise that personalities dominant in Se might not be down for deep analysis or long-term planning. They want to live in the present moment, where things are alive and buzzing. Everything else pales in comparison.

The shadow function of Se is Introverted Intuition. Se has little access to intuitive images and impressions.

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