Introverted Thinking (Ti)

It's the dominant function of INTPs and ISTPs and plays an important role in 8 of the 16 types. How does it work?

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Introverted Thinking (Ti), as a personality function, can be thought of as an internal supercomputer that processes and dissects information in the mind. It's like a personal logic machine whose primary goal is to analyze everything, deeply and independently. Imagine it as a private 'mind lab' that dissects problems, ideas, theories and concepts in a quest for clarity. Ti thrives on understanding the intricate mechanics behind everything—it's the Sherlock Holmes within—always seeking to uncover the underlying truth.

Those strong in Ti are driven to delve into the heart of complexity and create their own system of understanding. They're not interested in being told what's what—they need to discover it for themselves. Ti helps them do so by acting like a private truth-seeking algorithm, always checking the coherence and consistency of information.

The subject matter of Ti's truth-seeking efforts depends on the secondary function: Extraverted Intuition or Extraverted Sensing. Those using Extraverted Intuition to gather information (INTPs) are interested in seeking truth and consistency in theoretical matters, whereas for (ISTPs), Ti is applied to Extraverted Sensing to find solutions to practical problems. Both of these types use Introverted Thinking as their dominant personality function, and it operates in the same manner, as a sort of pattern-matching algorithm that breaks problems down into their essential components, examines the details meticulously, and reaches the most precise form of truth that they can with the given information.

Ti needs a steady diet of ideas, so you'll often find Introverted Thinkers reading, or watching movies, or seeking experiences in the world outside of their minds to gather more information to feed into their logic machines. As long as as Introverted Thinkers can find ideas and pursue the truth about them, they will be engaged with their lives.

The shadow function of Ti is Extraverted Feeling. Ti has little need or value for understanding or meeting traditional social expecations.

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