Type packets

PersonalityPage is a big site with tons of useful information, requiring some dedication and reading chops to get through it all. One solution is to get a type packet, where you will find all of the write-ups about a particular type consolidated into one tidy document, including the portrait, career, relationship, compatibility, personal growth, jungian type and jungian function pages, as well as a few random extras such as type sexuality and how the shadow function impacts a personality. We provide this solution for those who value time and convenience.

Type packets make interesting, inexpensive gifts!

Type packets are ad-free, electronic documents that you can access immediately after purchase, or view online as often as you'd like for a year after purchase. Feel free to print a hard copy if that works better for you.

Currently available type packets

ENFJ—the Giver  $5.00 

INFJ—the Protector  $5.00 
ENFP—the Inspirer  $5.00 
INFP—the Idealist  $5.00 
ENTJ—the Executive  $5.00 
INTJ—the Scientist  $5.00 
ENTP—the Visionary  $5.00 
INTP—the Thinker  $5.00 
ESFJ—the Caregiver  $5.00 
ISFJ—the Nurturer  $5.00 
ESFP—the Performer  $5.00 
ISFP—the Artist  $5.00 
ESTJ—the Guardian  $5.00 
ISTJ—the Duty Fulfiller  $5.00 
ESTP—the Doer  $5.00 
ISTP—the Mechanic  $5.00 


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