Personality type and sexuality

Personality Type and Sexuality

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfiller

For you, a healthy sex life consists of regular intimacy at predictable times with a monogamous partner, in which both parties receive what they need from the experience. You are more about the physical act than the connection, but you find tremendous emotional reassurance in the act itself. You can be counted on as a sure thing; if you're not in the mood, you'll get there. You are traditional and unsettled by The Kinky; even your incredibly rugged sense of duty to the relationship is unlikely to get you past your adhorrence of anything deviant.

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ISTP - The Mechanic

You're extremely sensual and exude a quiet, potent sexuality. You're very much about the physical act of sex, and you're super good at it. You don't understand this nonsense about emotional connection; in your mind the physical connection IS the emotional connection. You enjoy the challenge of pleasing yourself and your partner, and have a toolbox of tricks that you use over and over again, adapting and perfecting them to each experience and never tiring of them. You're open-minded, to a point...

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ISFJ - The Nurturer

For you, sex is a great way to show your love to your partner and do your duty to the relationship. Outside of a relationship, you don't really see the point. Within a relationship, you love the tangible connection with your partner that sex provides, and want to experience this regularly in a somewhat predictable fashion. You are more accomodating than demanding, and tend to be traditional. And though you're not kinky or creative, you're willing to try something that your partner wants to do as a means of showing them your love and loyalty.

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ISFP - The Artist

Within a close, loving relationship, sex is one of your favorite things, and you're one of the very best. Your native sensuality causes you to emit a strong desireability, tempered by shyness, in a way that is unique and attractive. Physically, you are open-minded, eager to please, and naturally athletic. You are a very sensual person, but your natural reserve causes you to hold your gems close to you - you do not bestow your sexual gifts easily. You must feel loved and cherished by your partner to be intimate.

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INFJ - The Protector

You cherish the intimate connection that comes with making love within a committed, monogamous, relationship. If you feel loved, you are a wonderful lover: open-minded, creative, very invested in pleasing your partner. You approach sex with your whole self: body, mind, and spirit, and you want to feel a real connection with your partner. You recognize the need for regular sex for the health of a relationship, but really need some quality love making as well to be fulfilled.

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INFP - The Idealist

You are an emotional, loving person, and love to feel the love while making love. You need to feel an emotional connection with your lover; you want to be cherished. If you feel sleighted in any way, you are out of there. Within a loving connection, you are an open-minded, sweet lover, sometimes shy but very loving. You are more about quality than quantity; you want to make each sexual encounter meaningful.

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INTJ - The Scientist

For you, sex is both an indulgence and a challenge. You love the escape that it provides, and the challenge of pleasing your partner and yourself keeps things interesting. With your competitive streak and general competence, you have the potential to be a fantastic lover, but you need to be with a partner that you connect with and respect in order to justify making the effort.

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INTP - The Thinker

As a cerebral creature, you sometimes find it more comfortable to stay in your head than to ask your body to perform sexually and be truly present during the performance. But when you are turned on enough to make things happen, you are WAY on, and you definitely color outside the lines. You enjoy the mental challenge and connection of experimentation, and you admire sexual prowess in your partner. For you, a healthy sex life depends on your mental connection and respect for your partner.

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ESTP - The Doer

You are incredibly sensual, open-minded, and straight-forward, all qualities that lend you the ability to be a fantastic lover. You also have a natural athletic ability and care about your image, more qualities that make it unlikely that you spend long stretches of time without sex. You have great physical prowess, but not much interest in connecting with your partner beyond the physical, which makes it possible that you will bed-hop quite a bit until you realize the benefits of long-term monogamy, and figure out how to connect with your partner in bed.

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ESTJ - The Guardian

You enjoy sex as a game for you to win, from the wooing of your partner to the physical culmination of the challenge. Physically, you dominate, and you're proud of it. You aren't naturally aware of how to connect with your partner beyond the physical, but you are concerned with doing your duty to keep them content, so a partner who tells you what they need clearly will be most compatible with your style.

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ESFP - The Performer

You love people and you love sex, and you're great at both. You have a real interest in making your partner happy, along with an open mind and amped-up sensual awareness that makes you extremely desireable and lots of fun to be with. Sexually, you're at the top of the food chain.

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ESFJ - The Caregiver

Your greatest enjoyment in sex comes from making your partner happy. You don't always crave physical love for yourself, but you embrace the opportunity to bring focus onto your relationship and partner. You're not comfortable with anything kinky or too far out of the traditional norm, and any suggestions along these lines will be met with raised eyebrows and something like: "have you lost your mind?" But you're very eager and able to please within your comfort zone, and warm and affectionate while doing so.

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ENFP - The Inspirer

You enjoy sex as a means of connecting and having fun with your lover. You are only sexually interested in someone with whom you feel a strong mental and emotional connection. If those conditions exist, you are a playful, open-minded, eager-to-please lover whose level of edginess increases with the strength of connection with your partner. You know how to keep things fun and interesting, and you're up for anything with someone you truly care about. You're down for anything too. Up or down, anything that increases the connection is something to be explored.

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ENFJ - The Giver

Your most powerful source of happiness is making others happy, and sex provides you with a great opportunity to prove how well you can please your partner. Accordingly, your sex drive is off the charts in a dedicated relationship. You don't run wild with your own sexual imagination, but enthusiastically match your partner's style and needs.

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ENTP - The Visionary

In your insatiable quest to understand everything, you are open to just about anything in the sheets. You take things beyond the physical realm and into the mental; you challenge yourself and your partner to push the intellectual limits of sex, and you find the best connection with a partner who can meet your challenge. Your secret motto is "the kinkier the better."

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ENTJ - The Executive

Your bedroom is your personal board room, and you are in charge. You dominate with imagination, are open to exploration, and can at times be downright kinky, although your bread-and-butter sex life tends to be fairly conventional and predictably scheduled. Nothing turns you on like the power of rendering your lover senseless with passion, and in this area of your life you're totally dialed into your partner's needs.

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