Portrait of an Extraverted Intuitive
(Dominant function of Extraverted Intuition)

Endlessly seeking possibilities

For the Extraverted Intuitive, all things are possible and obstacles aren't real. They are the champions of ideas and causes, the inspirers of people. Always on the lookout for something new, they are adept at coming up with ideas, and when they're excited about an idea, they will put endless amounts of energy into realizing their vision..

Once a vision has reached its end-point, or the EN has taken it as far as they can, they will drop that idea like a hot potato and not look back, whether or not their vision has been realized. They cannot stay excited about something that is finished, or something that hasn't panned out the way they wanted it to.

Extraverted Intuitives don't like mundane reality, and don't do well in positions that require them to perform the same tasks over and over again. They need to be enthuastic about what they're doing to be productive.

This EN ability to easily spot possibilities can cause them to change jobs and relationships more often than other types. When they're done with something, they're thoroughly over it, and need only identify their "next thing" to be happy. Luckily for the Extraverted Intuitive, they are often capable people who are good at many things, so they can get away with changing careers and situations more easily than most.

Extraverted Intuitives are often popular, fun-to-be-around people, who live life to the fullest. They have an uncanny ability to perceive where other people are coming from — to really get them — and appreciate them for who they are. They are interested and appreciative of all kinds of people.

In relationships of all sorts, the Extraverted Intuitive will benefit from recognizing and remembering the value of long-term relationships. People of all types are capable of this, including the EN. The key for this type is to consciously not allow themselves to move on internally—to not say "the hell with it" to themselves about people in their lives. Most likely the EN will come back to a place of excitement about the relationship, and appreciate having stuck it out.

When an EN gets bored, they can easily become unhappy with everything, including their romantic partnerships. They might look around and see other relationship possibilities. No relationship is perfect, and sometimes the need to move on will overwhelm the value of staying together. For this reason, it's especially important that the EN chooses a partner that is really compatible with them, someone they can continue to get excited about through the years. This is especially important if any children are involved. With the Extraverted Intuitive's ability to see the good in everyone, and their natural enthusiasm, it's not uncommon for them to fall for the wrong person and learn through experience the importance of partnering up with someone who can continue to interest them for the long haul.

One might think that this tendency to "move on" from relationships, jobs, and ideas is a selfish tendency of the Extraverted Intuitive. This is not generally true. We are all slaves to the demands of our psyche, and all driven to pursue a life that is running true to who we are. Unfortunately, people do get hurt when relationships break down, especially children, and the EN has as much responsibility as any other type to consider how their actions affect those closest to them. An Extraverted Intuitive needs to be able to see possibilities to be happy—not necessarily the possibilities of their primary relationship.

Jung's Extraverted Intuitive type was divided into two MBTI types by Isabel Briggs Myers:
ENFP - the Inspirer, and ENTP - the Visionary. Check out the other Jungian types