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I just taken the test and was amazed at the incredible accuracy of the test results when I finished it. I'm currently struggling through a career choice and I believe that this will help greatly. Thank you very much for providing this service at an extremely low cost.
Where were you all my life!

You are a God send, had I known you 15 years ago when I had to make my life choices, I am sure my life would be different today. Incredible how we can "not know" ourself. I will make sure my children take this test when it becomes available and will try to guide them using your great wisdom.

This is a superb website. I have only just visited it for the first time and read a couple of the profiles. The personality descriptions are the most thoughtfully written, accurate, and relevant I have encountered in this field. The graphics and ambience of the site, the way it is set out, are also excellent. My complements to you, and my thanks.
Dear all, I just took your test and got the results, I was amazed at some of the insights that i attained by them. I have given and taken many similar rests; yet, none seemed to come so close to being true. When I have more time I will read your entire page; hopefully, with enjoyment. I would be very interested in recieving or helping in any way with your studies.

With respect and admiration,


I just wanted to say that I think this website is excellent. The layout and navigation are very intuitive and user-friendly, and the information is really interesting and useful. I think it's terrific that you guys are offering the personality questionnaire for three bucks, and such extensive information about the different types, as well as the history of personality typology, for free. I had a really pleasant time surfing your website today and will recommend it to my friends.

thanks for the insights
I've learned alot about myself and others...
I just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed your site. I have visited similar sites, but yours is by far the most informative, especially with regards to the four preferences. It is also easy to navigate and just very well put together. WOW!


Just wanted to say that I really found this test to be a valuable exercise. I'm familiar with this approach to personality analysis (having read some book or other), but really appreciated the objective nature of the questionnaire.

I will recommend this site to friends. Thanks.

Thank you for making this available on the web. It is extraordinary and very helpful. Thanks again.

To whomever it may concern,

I really enjoyed this test and learning more about myself. After reading the results I learned more things about myself that I didn't know before. I feel that the test was very accurate, and enjoyed taking it and learning more about myself.

I really like this site. I was looking at probably 6 or so links on personality types and came across this one. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the site you have created, I consider it exeptional.

-Impressed ISFJ

What a wonderfully descriptive treatment of the types!!! I've not been able to type myself as well in any system as in yours! Well done and thank you!! I love the art work, the style and the choice of words used for you descriptions! It is so nice to find something so nicely done!! Thank you!
Page Webmaster,
I just want you to know that I enjoy your web page thouroghly. Having taken a personality test many years ago at my place of employment and also at a local college here in Florida/Brevard County, it amazes me that I get the same result everytime, and that I also did here on your pages when taken the test.
I don't know much about the history of this personality test, but I do know that it is so accurate that is quite astonishing. It has taught me some things about myself and how to deal with them, and has helped me grow, and understand myself.

Thank you for this site! The material and information I found here was very insightful. I have known for a long time that I am typed as an INFP, but I didn't know what that meant exactly. Somebody in my school only told me that it meant that I was a VERY caring individual, with emphasis on the very. Over the years I have heard others talk about Kersey temperment but they didn't know to much about their own personalities, let alone mine. Then one day I decided to search the web for information and Altavista brought me here. SMILE. Thank you for being here so I can know about who I am and why I have the personality I do.

In doing some investigation for a college term paper assignment, I happen to stumble upon your site. I think it is quite amazing how accurate the ISTJ information pinpointed my every trait. There were even times that I read information about traits I subconsciously knew about but had no idea they had any real affect on my personality. This was very helpful, I'll definitely be using your information in my paper. Thank you.
I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful information. I have been in engineering for most of my career and I have been miserable. At 33 I am finally taking steps in the right direction at a career that I know that I will be much better suited for. With the information you have provided I know that I am not crazy for feeling this way as you have described me and my intrest to a tee. Thanks !!

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