Perhaps you want to know your personality type, but don't want to have to pay anything to discover it. Perhaps you're not comfortable paying for something over the Internet, or you just don't feel that you should have to. If this is your situation, you'll be happy to hear that you don't HAVE to take a test to discover your type.

The most reliable way for anyone to discover their true personality type is through personal research. Read about Psychological Type. Learn what each of the four preferences mean, and categorize your own behavior.

You can start learning by clicking here, or by reading one of the books that we recommend on our library page.

Once you have learned your type, you can freely access all of our vast information about the 16 types by clicking here.

There are also other sites that offer comparable personality type indicators. One such site is at Unfortunately, you'll find this test to be quite costly in comparison to ours.

There are several free personality tests available over the internet. These tests seem to work well for people with well-defined personality types. People whose preferences are not so clearly marked may find that they aren't as accurate. The best of these free online questionnaires is at *Update - keirsey's test is no longer offered for free.

No matter what method you use to discover your personality type, please follow up with some personal validation. Be sure that you've got the right type! Once you discover your own type, and learn about other personality types, you'll have opened the door to a new level of understanding and appreciation. We encourage you to open that door!

Good luck, and happy "Type Hunting"!

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