Extraverted Thinking (Te)

It's the dominant function of ENTJs and ESTJs and plays an important role in 8 of the 16 types. How does it work?

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Having Extraverted Thinking (Te) as your dominant personality function is like having a project manager living inside your brain. It's the part of you that loves organizing, strategizing, and getting things done in the outside world. Think of it as your own personal CEO.

Te constantly scans the external world, seeking truth and clarity about everything it encounters. It believes that everything has its right place, and that its job is to make sure everything stays where it's supposed to.

Te is concerned with real, objective truth in the external world and arguably gets closer to it than any other personality function. Its relentless search for the truth and need to categorize and label might lead an Extraverted Thinker to black-and-white thinking—a sort of overquick tendency to label something so as to know where to file it. Te seeks to use its understanding of the world to make plans, and execute them flawlessly. It loves breaking down complex tasks into practical steps.

People strong in Te are the ultimate planners and action-takers. They see the world as a giant puzzle waiting to be solved and organized efficiently. They have a mental to-do list always at the ready.

Te personalities value practicality and productivity, always seeking logical and effective ways to tackle problems. They are often natural-born leaders, eager to get everyone on board with their action plans. They're fantastic at taking charge and making things happen, as well as marshaling resources, delegating tasks, and achieving their goals efficiently.

Extraverted Thinkers might come off as highly organized and focused on achieving tangible results. They prefer rational decision-making and value efficiency, often setting clear objectives to reach success. In essence, using Extraverted Thinking is like having your own personal strategic planner, one who is always looking at the big picture, getting things in order, and moving forward with structured, well-thought-out plans.

The shadow function of Te is Introverted Feeling. Te must honor and value objective truth and logic over personal value systems.

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