Portrait of an Extraverted Feeler
(Dominant function of Extraverted Feeling)

Community, harmony, dignity, love.

Extraverted Feelers are primarily concerned with the objective values of the social group they identify with. They are the masters of knowing what is acceptable and what isn't, as well as what is exceptional, and they will work tirelessly to bring their lives into adherence with these values.

While Introverted Feelers have an internal value system upon which they weigh all incoming information, Extraverted Feelers weigh everything against external values. An EF will deem something "good" or "bad" not from subjective feeling but from what is good or bad for the general feeling situation of the society in which they live. Although these feelings are not subjective, they are genuine and personal, and represent the general feeling of their social group in a truly objective way.

This adherence to cultural values makes the EF type the backbone of cultural institutions, like churches, and the world of fashion. The EF may be quite traditional, if raised traditionally, or may foray into alternative realms, but they will always flock to arenas that have accepted standards that are supported by their social group. Given the means, they will be great philanthropists for their chosen institutions.

Extraverted Feelers are generally hard-working and great organizers, and staunch supporters of people and institutions. They show up in all kinds of careers, often in support roles, but only in institutions that they approve of. An EF would never work for a company that violated their values. Likewise, they would not buy a product or in any way support a company or individual who violated their standards.

EFs are warmly concerned with people and have a need to establish an intense rapport with them, and they're generally very good at it. This ability falls down in cases where the EF is ruled entirely by Extraverted Feeling, without a good auxilliary information gathering function. In such cases, the EF will exist at the mercy of the feeling moment of the culture, and the warmth of true feeling is lost. They will come across as insincere, fickle, even extravagant in their expressions, which appear to be the result of the mood of the moment, rather than true feeling. The EF, sensing that their insincerity has been spotted by the observer, will become more "over the top" in an effort to connect with that person, which can only make things worse.

Relationships are very important to Extraverted Feelers, and they put a great deal of effort into developing and preserving relationships. They seek partnerships that are life-long, and are happy to do more than their share of the work to keep a relationship healthy. But an EF will leave a relationship without a backward glance if their partner violates the values of their social group. For this reason, it's especially important for the EF to choose a partner who will abide by the rules that are important to the EF, and who can appreciate the value the EF brings to the table, and understand their need for social harmony.

Jung's Extraverted Feeling type was divided into two MBTI types by Isabel Briggs Myers:
ESFJ - the Caregiver, and ENFJ - the Giver. Check out the other Jungian types