About The Personality Questionnaire

The Personality Questionnaire was developed by BSM Consulting in 1998. It is designed to determine your 4-letter Personality Type, in a manner similar to other popular self-scoring personality indicators.

The Personality Questionnaire is designed primarily for adults living in a Western culture. It also seems to work well for teenagers, although we haven't gotten really conclusive information about this yet.

Special attention has been paid to determining the iNtuitive/Sensing preference, based on problems noted with other popular personality type instruments in falsely indicating Extraverted iNtuitive types for people who are really Extraverted Sensing types. We have also added a slight weight to the Thinking/Feeling preference based on gender.

The Personality Questionnaire is designed to determine individual preferences, rather than temperaments. There is some temperament knowledge woven into the questions in areas where it's helpful in determining type, but we do not specifically go after temperament.

The Personality Questionnaire has been validated in controlled and uncontrolled environments. Before we began charging for The Personality Questionnaire, we tested it on approximately 100,000 people. Through this testing, we have determined that it indicates your 4-letter personality type with a very good degree of accuracy. For more information about validity and reliability, click here.

In controlled environments we experienced nearly 100% matching between the results of the Personality Questionnaire and the leading personality type indicators, except for some Extraverted Sensing individuals, who were sometimes incorrectly typed as Extraverted iNtuitives by the competitors' tests. The Personality Questionnaire appears to handle these types more accurately. On the internet, in an uncontrolled environment, The Personality Questionnaire matches other test results approximately 75% of the time.

The feedback that we've received from the Internet community has been overwhelmingly positive. We're happy to be able to provide this typology service to the public.

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